Hospitality Internships

A vital part of the hospitality management program requires that students gain experience relevant to their hospitality area of interest. These valuable internships provide students the opportunity to apply classroom theory to actual work settings as well as the chance to network, and the potential for higher salaries and employability upon graduation.

As a hospitality student, you must complete a career-relevant internship experience:

Daytime Student
Internship I Practicum/Seminar: 3-month (400-hour) internship
Internship II Practicum/Seminar: 3-month (400-hour) internship
Students pursue a wide variety of companies for their internships including hotels, restaurants, resorts, convention centers, sports clubs, country clubs, and associations.

Weekend/Online Student
Internship I Practicum/Seminar: 3-month (400-hour) internship

Before starting an internship, a student must be in good academic and financial standing, pass the Professional Development class (HOS 126) and meet with their Career Services Counselor.

Your internship performance will be evaluated by your supervisor and by a faculty member based on rating a variety of set factors in both the individual and professional areas.

Academic Credit and Compensation
The internship must be completed during the course enrollment period. Interns are compensated at a rate that is acceptable to the student and the participating company. Only in special situations will non-paid internships be approved.

General Questions
Call the Career Services Office 312.752.2012 or email