Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition (MICE)

The acronym MICE is used worldwide to refer to the business of bringing large groups together for some particular purpose. Such meetings and events usually include a well-planned agenda centered on a particular theme or topic, such as a professional trade organization, a special interest group or an educational topic.

In the U. S. alone, there are 1.8 million meetings, trade shows, conventions, congresses, and incentive events that take place across the country.  All organizations, large and small, hold meetings. Thus, the skills of meeting management are relevant for all organizations, from people who informally plan meetings to professional meeting and event planners.  The focus at Kendall College is to provide a project management focus to the discipline of meeting management. Relevant topics include aligning goals and objectives, evaluation, event design, food and beverage arrangements, technology and other logistics.

Concentration Courses:

The Art of Dining – Provides an overview of the many tangible and intangible elements that combine to produce a superb dining experience, including china, glass, silver, linen, uniforms, plant and flower options, lighting and background music.

Meeting Management Basics – Introduces students to the basics of meeting management through an experiential learning approach.

Meeting Content and Delivery – Positions students to understand how to engage adults to create a more immersive meeting experience.  Focuses on the design principles and logistical and strategic approaches that meeting planners can utilize to create higher-impact meetings and events considering face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings, hybrid meetings and other technologies to position students to manage event content in a strategic manner.

Management of Sales and Promotions
- Considers the theories and practices of sales, promotions, public relations and advertising. Provides a summary overview of consumer behavior and how properties and chains effectively use promotional media. Discusses sales department organization, sales technique and account management, and the negotiation and management of group and catering contracts.

Special Events and Event Marketing - Focuses on managing special events proper and how to use events as a marketing tool to promote a company or cause - concerts, sporting events, street fairs, etc.

Conventions and Large meetings - Focuses on the organization of large meetings and the interface between meeting planners, exhibitors/organizers, city departments and service providers around the city. Students learn how to plan, organize and execute a large meeting or an activity associated with a convention.

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