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Global Hospitality Management with Glion Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

What is the link between Kendall and the Glion Certificate?
As an Official Affiliate Institution of Glion Institute of Higher Education, Kendall students can earn a Glion Advanced Certificate in International Hospitality Management as part of their Kendall Bachelor of Arts program. This option gives you a unique multi-cultural perspective as well as a highly-respected international credential to help compete in an increasingly global marketplace.


Glion Institute of Higher Education is an international hospitality management institution in Switzerland. With 50 years of experience in forming leaders for the hospitality industry, Glion is ranked among the best hospitality schools in the world for an international career.

Why would I want to take the exam?
This is your opportunity to enhance your career opportunities and differentiate yourself with a Glion Advanced Certificate in International Hospitality Management (as part of your B.A. degree). While the Glion name is more recognized in Europe, earning this certificate affords you additional distinction in your career. Students who have successfully passed have added the information to their resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Is there a cost to take an exam?
There is no fee to take the exam.

Who is eligible to take the exam?
Eligible students will have completed a series of four (4) courses. Students currently enrolled or students who have graduated within the current academic year are eligible. Students who fail to pass the exam the first time are also eligible to retake the exam.

What classes are required to sit for the exam?
To receive the Glion Advanced Certificate in International Hospitality Management, students must successfully complete the following courses:

  • HOS/HMI 322 Human Resources Management
  • HOS/HMI 333 Organizational Behavior
  • HOS/HMI 342 Services Marketing
  • HOS/HMI 343 Services Operations Management
  • HOS/HMI 398 Business Planning and Feasibility
  • HOS/HMI 407 Strategic Management
  • HOS/HMI 408 Senior Management Seminar
  • HOS/HMI 444 Leadership
  • HOS/HMI 470 Finance

The test covers material from the following four (4) classes:

Organizational Behavior (HOS or HMI 333)
This course aims to demonstrate how psychological, sociological and cultural theories can be used to describe, explain and predict human behavior. More specifically, the course will cover topics in individual, group and social, as well as organizational contexts.

Human Resources Management (HOS or HMI 322)
In this course, students will consider the functions of the Human Resource Department and the concept of the support role to line management. They will be exposed to a range of contemporary HR management practices and concepts and will be encouraged constantly to question these views using previous work experience, cultural background, and acquired learning as analytical tools.

Leadership (HOS or HMI 444)
This course considers a wide variety of theoretical approaches used to define, describe and evaluate leadership. Through a process of critical evaluation and reflection, students will be able appreciate how individual, organizational, and cultural factors can influence the effectiveness of leaders, and this experience should enable students to develop their own leadership styles.

Services Marketing (HOS or HMI 342)
This course will examine the service experience from the point of view of both the internal and external customer. The relationship between human resources management goals and marketing goals will be discussed and analyzed in light of theoretical models that link these two areas. Students will be called upon to research and evaluate specific issues within the framework of service management in order to evaluate the application of theory to practice.

The Glion Advanced Certificate in International Hospitality Management is only awarded to students upon graduation from the Kendall Hospitality Management B.A. program and cannot be obtained independently from the degree.

What is the exam format?
The exam features objective questions (not essays).  The exam is machine-scored and will require that you use a number two pencil (supplied) to select the most correct answer.  Short case scenarios or models are provided and you will be asked to shade in the correct oval corresponding to the correct answer.

The exam is composed of forty (40) multiple choice questions. Each subject area will have ten (10) questions. You will have 120 minutes to complete the exam.

No outside material is allowed in the exam room.

What is the pass rate?
Anyone earning a 65% or better on the exam will pass.

Data on specific pass rates at Kendall are not statistically sound as the exam has only been offered three times at Kendall. However, the pass rate has varied widely between various groups of students. A commitment to prepare for the exam is imperative; different groups have had varying commitment levels influencing overall pass rates. In addition, the faculty has re-structured the review sessions in order to help you better prepare.

What is the process and general timeline?

Advising provides a list of eligible students. You will receive an invitation to take the exam. In order to take the exam, you will sign a contract committing to take the exam. In addition, you must participate in one (1) mandatory review session which will prepare you for the exam.

The following timeline applies to the Glion exam:

Notice of ability to participate: Fourth week of April and October
Glion Review Sessions: Three weeks prior to exam date
Glion Exam: May and November
Results Expected: 10-15 days past exam date
Certificates Available for Pick-up: July for the spring quarter exam & January for the fall quarter exam

What will happen during the review session?
Kendall faculty will provide a study guide of topics. We will review the key concepts and pass out additional study materials. In addition, if requested, students will have an opportunity to take a practice exam which is similar in format to the actual exam.
The review session is mandatory. No student will be allowed to take the exam if they have not participated in a review session.