Hotel/Lodging Management

Hotel managers are strong leaders, with a flair for organization, communication, and most importantly working well with other people. They need to completely understand every element of an ideal guest experience, from lodging to dining to events. They must be able to solve problems and concentrate on details.

Initiative, self-discipline, effective communication skills, and the ability to organize and direct the work of others are essential. Hotel managers must be born diplomats especially when handling guest complaints.

This hospitality degree concentration takes a detailed look at these areas, as well as revenue management, sales and marketing, and more. In addition, you'll have countless opportunities to develop skills you'll need in this role, including leadership, teamwork and communication. 

Concentration Courses: 

The Management of Sales and Promotions - Considers the theories and practices of sales, promotions, public relations and advertising. Provides a summary overview of consumer behavior and how properties and chains effectively use promotional media. Discusses sales department organization, sales technique and account management, and the negotiation and management of group and catering contracts.

Information Management and Social Media Marketing - Examines hospitality industry information systems and uses website analytics to design and measure the effectiveness of websites. Discusses the use and impact of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs, and considers how a social media strategy can be designed and implemented.

Revenue Management - Takes an active, dynamic approach to managing revenue streams to ensure an organization's long-term viability and financial health.

Front Office Operations -- Guides students through the guest cycle clarifying the key operational issues involved in achieving guest satisfaction, emphasizing both technical and service issues.

Property Management System – Exposes students to the basic and advanced functions of a Property Management System (PMS) through experience with the Micros-Fidelio “Opera” PMS.

Housekeeping Operations -- Gives actual experience in the basics of hotel housekeeping, with emphasis on developing the managerial eye for detail necessary to conduct a successful room or public areas inspections.

Meeting and Events – Provides a general understanding of meeting management, which is essential for future hospitality managers.

Lodging Management/Hotel Analytics – Acquaints students with the managerial elements involved in rooms planning, preparation, sales, forecasting and budgeting. Examines the front office/housekeeping interface with emphasis placed on housekeeping scheduling, organization and quality control.

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